Inspiration :
None of the characters are mine, they are the propriety of their authors/creators and editors, no money is made from this web site or by selling the figurines (this web site is not meant as a catalogue!).

Thanks to the artists who inspired me:

Béatrice Tellier and Téhy, authors of "Fée et tendres Automates" (Freeze)

Thomas Goletz, creator of the "Diddls" (A mouse and her Teddy)

Tim Burton and the team of "The Nightmanre before Christmas" (Jack Squellington)

Azpiri and Nacho, Authors of "M.O.T." (Mot)

O.G. Boiscommun, author of "Halloween" (Asphodèle and her Brother)

  The mangaka team Clamp, authors of "Angelic Layer" (Hikaru - Lumina)

Barbucci and Canepa, auteurs de "Sky Doll" (Elianthe le Scrope)

  The designers team of Sigikid (Le Quatuor du Canapé)

Chris Wedge and the team of "Ice Age" (Scrat)

  The unknown designer of the chairs on la Promenade des Anglais in Nice

  J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books and I reckon only creator of Harry Potter and his world

Pictures :
Most of the pictures have been taken by Stéphane Daunis, and I thank him.

I took some others with the help of Jérôme Clenet as he graciously lent me his equipment. I want to thank him especially because he always helps me when I have troubles with my PC.

The "Chair from la Promenade des anglais" pictures have been taken at the King Photo studio in Nice.

On line :

Special thanks to Jean-Thomas, who helps me with internet and web site creation and hosting.

And to Sylvie, who indicated to me!

Thank you, everyone!

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