Introduction :

    Two years ago, I created my first web site, it was meant as a "scrap book". Today's my project is less ambicious, I just want anyone to see what I'm doing and enjoy.


A Mask from a manga by Clamp
A resin necklace

Something new at Madam Malkin's, in the Harry Potter section!

Detailed menu:

"Arts" shows my figurines, main theme of this web site, but also my schoolworks (from art schools) and many other everyday objects I enjoyed doing with my own hands.

"My Universe", is a collection of hints to know what kind of girl I am.

"Guest book". I'd be delighted to know what you think of this web site, or just to hear from you.

"Harry" A world of its own. Escape from this sick sad world!

"Elsewhere" is a collection of nice web sites made by friends, and others!

By the way, thank you to indicate me any grammar or spelling mistakes here

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My Universe
Guest book