We, poor Muggles can't expect to find Dragon heart strings, Unicorn or Veela hair and Phoenix feathers in a shop near-by.
Still, Wicca offers many possibilities. You can use gemstones or plantes with symbolism as wand core, and of course, select an appropriate wood to make a very special wand. If you want to make yours, visit Wicca web sites!
This is one of my first wands,  It is made of bamboo and has a special blend of plants in its core (Rose, basil, lavander, thyme, rosemary, mint and pepper - its use is a secret, sorry! ^_^). I've made around eight wands for friends each has a different core according to the owner's character or aspirations.

Bamboo (chopstick), beech, glue, dried plantes. Cardboard, brown paper, rubber brown paper, styrofoam, velvet, paper and ink. L=34cm (around 13 inches and 3/4)

There, a replica of Hermione's wand from the movie. It is made of clay, and has an amethyst inside. it is a protective and health charm.

Clay, acrylic paint, antic dealer's polish, amethyst. L=30cm

Here is a wand ordered quite a while ago and it has just been finished. The handle is carved out of Amaranthe wood and cherry red is its natural coulour.  The point of the wand has been tinted thought.
Clic on the picture to see an enlargement of the partern on the handle.

Amaranthe, beech, antic dealer's polish ; white rooster feather and  lapi-lazuli ; antic velvet, embroidery cotton thread, satin ribbon, tinted and varnished wooden pearls.
L : 14 and a 1/2 inches


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